Hello, I am Ibrahim.

I am currently working as interaction designer at Stellantis. I received my master's degree in Integrated Design from College for Creative Studies and my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at Anadolu University.

I have been always a dreamer and learner as an individual. My vision is to produce great experiences that ease people's lives, and enhance current solutions by learning and empathizing more about people, psychology and the nature of human being. I believe that the core of a creative individual consists of empathy, knowledge, and team spirit. Therefore, I adopt these values not only in my professional career but also in my life.

My professional experience is mainly in the automotive and the home appliances industry. I've completed and contributed to numerous projects those are currently in the market or will be launched in a few years. Some of these projects are recognized with more than 15 design awards.

Please feel free to contact me at ibrahimozen0@gmail.com