Easywash is a detergent packaging design that completely eliminates the use of detergent caps as scale for washing mashine use.
The project was awarded in several international platforms. Easywash was honored with a design award from Packaging Manufacturers Association, Turkey in 2013. In the following year, Easywash achieved the First Place Award in Packaging Design competition arranged by World Packaging Organization and the project exhibited in Virginia State University during Packaging Jamboree Exhibition in 2014.

The caps in the products available in the market are used as a scale for the users to prepare a scale of detergent for each use. However, users have to fill the cap on their own. At this point, Easywash automatically eliminates all these processes and, by reversing the packaging, automatically fills a scale detergent inside the cap that is attached to the body. The user can pour the scale detergent accumulated inside the washing machine.