Axis is a new cooking experience designed for business-oriented people who are living in metropolitan cities in Europe countries. The focus of the project is to provide healthier experiences for cooking by occupying less space.
The project was exhibited in several international platforms in Turkey, Germany, and the US. In 2016, Axis was nominated for the IF Talent Design Award and hold the "Shortlist 300 Winner" place out of 11,000 designs. The project was exhibited in Hamburg, Germany, during the IF Design Exhibition in 2016.


Kitchens are essential spaces to spend time in today's daily life. Thus, the functionality of the kitchen areas is transforming by the new architectures in Europe, especially in metropolitan cities. They are not only places for cooking and eating, but also living spaces. Therefore, saving spaces for other purposes is a new trend. At this juncture, products such as stovetops and ovens are considered for helping to save spaces in this project. On the other side, business-oriented people who are living in metropolitan cities are considered the target group. Since the target group is spending more time out of home, they may skip preparing healthy and various food. Therefore, Axis is a cooker system which provides using different cooking methods in minimum space. Axis occupies spaces on kitchen countertops unusually; it uses the third dimension in order to fill less space. Axis is a transition product between the future and present, so it continues to hold induction units that also exists in the current products.


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