Nova is a concept cooktop design for Esalba, an ODM manufacturer. The product is planned to be manufactured under Tragen brand which is owned by Esalba.
While it offers an innovative solution to the pan support fixing details on the market, it offers an innovative product experience with its thermomomic paint coating.

Pan supports on cooktops with glass surface in the market can fix on glass surface by using several methods. In these methods, generally technical components are used and these components are invisible bottom of pan supports. So users are not able to place pan supports easily without seeing. In addition, when user needs to clean glass surface, user should remove the pan supports from surface. However, if the cooktop is just turned off; pan supports could be hot and user may not understand without touching. For these problems between user and cooktop in cleaning process; Nova has a solution only with a visible, aesthetically designed component. The component is the heart of the cooktop fixes pan supports on glass surface. User can see this component, so it can place it easily. Also thanks to its thermochromic coatings, it gives feedback about pan support temperature before touching. After cleaning of hob, it eases placing of pan supports to user. Also, it warns about pan support temperature to user before touching. Thanks to aesthetic and functional component; all fixing pins can remove on glass surface easily and safely.