Imece is a kit design served within a comprehensive experience design for predisaster preparations and after disaster actions. Imece is a more emotional-based project for survivors who are not willing to go back their homes in the first couple days after an earthquake. It focuses on meeting survivor's fundamental needs after earthquakes such as sleeping and shelter. On top of that, the projects aims to decrease the tention in the environment by offering collaboration between survivors.
In this process, product and scenario designs that provide preparation and preliminary information to physical and emotional needs before disasters were designed.


The objective of the project was to develop comprehensive design solutions addressing the challenges encountered by urban residents in the face of unexpected power failures. Given the wide-ranging and increasing exposure of all people to the effects of climate change (e.g. drought, flooding, heat waves, fires) and the decreasing capacity of existing systems (e.g. aging infrastructures, vulnerable utility supply, etc.) to cope with these acute disruptions to daily lives, a single unique setting for investigation has been identified. Secondary and primary research were conducted on the factors affecting an individual’s ability to cope with the disruptions described in their chosen settings, and the resources (e.g. municipal, state, federal, privately owned) available to assist that individual.


Individuals generally forget about the possible threats of disasters because of the rush of daily lives. Therefore, besides the physical needs after disasters, people should be aware of the risks and what to do in advance. Imece is a basic daily object as a decoration in users' daily lives. However, users keep the Imece product at their home, and after a disaster, they can use the product as a shelter, sleeping mat, and a bag. Also, a reminder object which is a key chain accessory and light is provided to the user. This reminder product will create a subliminal message to the user's mind every day. Users will be able to use the lights by attaching it to the Imece product. Users will take these products with them when they run out of their home after a disaster. These products will be a crucial set for users to emotionally connect with other survivors and create temporary shelters by collaborating with each other.
studio 3 finalstudio 3 final






This project intends to meet survivors' crucial needs as well as reduce the chaos situations and relieve emotional pains after help and rescue teams come. Taking a daily object from their home will provide a warm place in which they can use shelter with other survivors. Plus, these objects will be a visual identity for small locations. People can recognize their other family members through visuals on life bags. Ultimately, the scenario is designed to solve emotional core problems in the communities during the first 72 hours. The emotional-oriented solution will meet the physical need as well.